Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Departed today!

After all the final checks were made (and a final emergency shopping trip for our unfortunate Chilean observer who had lost her luggage!), we departed from Montevideo at 1 p.m. today. Our pilot navigated the ship through the narrow channel out of the port, and we are now steaming towards the science area. Safety is of paramount importance on our vessel, so an emergency muster drill was held this afternoon, with scientists and crew donning their life jackets and trying out the lifeboats. We have a science meeting this evening to discuss the work schedule, so we’ll keep you updated with that tomorrow.

                     Final day in Montevideo

Pilot boat departing
Ben and some liquid nitrogen

Xinfeng and Alberto
 We wouldn't want to spend any time in the lifeboat!

We have already been really impressed with the number of page visits to our blog, with hits from the UK, US, Belgium, Canada, France and Germany. Welcome to all our DIMES friends worldwide!

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