Sunday, 4 March 2012

How does the ship work? It’s Engine-ious…

Control room
Ship's main engines
After we had finished our CTD operations this morning, a group of scientists were shown around the engine room by Third Engineer Bill. We spent an hour clambering around amongst the engines and generators and were even shown what happens to all the ship’s sewage! RRS James Cook has four engines, generating the same amount of power as used by the Falkland Islands! Fuel consumption onboard generally averages around 10 tonnes per day, though this increases to 24 tonnes at maximum speed (16 knots). The ship can make 11 m3 of fresh water per day and the vessel has four thrusters for maneuverability and stability. The ship can also move up to 6 knots sideways!

Many thanks to Bill for the excellent tour. Uriel and Katy have kindly shared some photos.

The sewage system and test toilet!

Crawling around ...

Alex cooling off by the air vent

Ben and Katy trying out the tools for size...

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