Saturday, 18 February 2012

Fleeting Falklands visit

We had a very quick stop in the Falkland Islands today and enjoyed some great weather on both our arrival and departure into Stanley. Many of the scientists aboard partook in some wildlife watching as the ship steamed into the harbour, and we even managed to grab a few shots of the town before our 10.30 a.m. departure. We were sad to say goodbye to four of our science party who left the ship in the Falklands but we are now steaming back to Shag Rocks Passage. Many thanks to Heather Bouman and Luc Rainville for the great photos. Luc has also contributed a video of some dolphins riding the bow wave of the ship this morning. Apologies for the low-resolution but I am uploading over a slow connection!

Luc, Alberto and Brian on the foredeck

Marie-Jose and Alex

Magellanic penguins from the ship

Entering Stanley Harbour
Two Sisters
Luc outside the cathedral
View from the shore
Dolphins at the bow of the ship this morning

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