Thursday, 2 February 2012

Quick update

The scientists have been busy today conducting their final tests and checks of equipment before conducting a full ‘test station’ tomorrow. The test station will involve deploying the ‘CTD package’, pictured below, which measures temperature, salinity, pressure and collects water samples in a number of bottles. In addition, we will be deploying all three of our microstructure profilers in turn (one of which is pictured below from a previous DIMES cruise). Doing this in-the-water test of all our equipment is vital to ensure that the results we obtain are accurate and to iron out any problems we have before the important science begins in earnest on Sunday.

Thanks to Katy for the two photos.
 A microstructure profiler being deployed on the UK2 DIMES cruise in December 2009
 The CTD package. The grey bottles are used to collect water samples

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