Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sunny start, foggy finish

A day of mixed fortunes today. We enjoyed wonderful weather this morning for the recovery of our VMP, but our last-chance attempts to find the HRP appear to be in vain. Given the clear conditions, we took the decision earlier to attempt to locate the HRP, which has been lost since Thursday morning. However, on reaching the search area, a blanket of thick mist had rolled in, frustrating our efforts. The search has now finished and we aim to complete three further stations to the north of Shag Rocks Passage overnight before the arrival of a storm in the region tomorrow. It looks like work will have to stop for 24 hours or so as we get battered by strong winds and high seas. I have uploaded a few pictures of the VMP recovery today courtesy of Xinfeng and Katy.

 James and Ken at the VMP Recovery
 John looking over the operations

 VMP in the clear blue sea
VMP being recovered after its dive to 3000 m!
The fog bank which rolled in shortly after lunch

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