Friday, 3 February 2012

Things get a little turbulent...

As I write this, we are just completing our first full test station, comprising deployment of the three microstructure profilers to shallow depths and a test CTD. We enjoyed light winds and sunny skies for the whole operation.

Both the HRP and VMP (see pictures below) were deployed and recovered successfully, with the first steps of data processing now underway. Unfortunately, the DMP, despite being deployed to 1000 m depth, managed to surface directly underneath the ship and suffered extensive damage to its sensors, weight release mechanism and pressure case. Ken, Lou, John and the rest of their team are currently busy repairing the vehicle in our deck lab and we are hoping that the instrument will be ready to deploy again in a few days. I guess this just highlights some of the challenges we face when trying to carry out cutting edge ocean science.

Thanks to Katy Sheen and Peggy Courtois for the photos.

HRP being deployed
 The VMP about to be launched
 Lou with the damaged DMP. See the red paint from the underside of the ship on the casing
 More of the damage
 Some of the deck crew enjoying a well-earned cup of tea

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